From the starting Accenture CIO: I Am The Chief HR Officer Of The Non-Human Workforce

Andrew Wilson has been familiar with Accenture for more than three decades, retiring as a consultant before joining the IT team as an informational official closest to six years ago. The trajectory means that they know the company’s business is at a higher level than most CIOs.

In addition, as a business talk

One of the problems Wilson did, or perhaps better, the possibilities that accompanied him, had to create artificial intelligence.

He was the main advocate of AI, but he also acknowledged that the algorithm that analyzes that would be done by humans in the past he studied artificial creatures. They are prone to error, and some will be better than others. Wilson said that the CIO should consider ourselves as the head of human resources of a non-human workforce.

In this remote interview, we cover this view, as well as a variety of other, including

Why the CIO should win the right to become a digital transformer for the company and its responsibility to pursue business with an inexperience that needs to be denied in place

How CIO’s role has evolved from focusing on data centers, systems, servers, networks, firewalls, and secure organizations to focus on their experience and want to become a technology conductor

Why has Wilson been developing television programs in Accenture, earning her dreams since she was young.
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Peter High: You are the Chief Information Officer of Accenture, an organization that has been working for decades. You grow up as a consultant, so you do not grow through IT functions. Therefore, inserting the CIO’s role, you have a very different orientation with the value you can make. Can you tell me about the experience that CIO has experienced?

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Andrew Wilson: There is no better time to become a CIO. The CIO has to say and know the business language that operates. In fact, Accenture as a technology business can make things more complicated, but basic principles remain.

I was previously employed in business, and I serve customers who deliver product services through major contracts throughout the world for many years. In fact, I worked with some customers for six years. For the time being, I’ve been delivering IT-related services, as well as business process services.

When I left my business and looked at the Accenture company, I tried to determine the position of IT companies, what is the level of digitization, and ready for the future. I asked all questions before the virtual, artificial intelligence [AI], and intelligence came to fruition.

Next, I ask if the company is suitable for the purpose. I’m afraid not because I can see Accenture is a trap that is not ready to show the capabilities and features of modern IT companies. At the same time, the company needs to prove to customers, then it is more.

Like all companies, Accenture should be digital for life.

Accenture and I believe that we are in the post-numerical era where digital is very widespread digital. Every organization organizes the journey to digital, and the transformation remains. Therefore, if the company is not digital or does not start traveling, no one can.

At that time, business and business practitioners, who knew what moved to move hundreds of thousands of people around the world to use the technology, techniques, and capabilities of customer issues, had to have a strong impact on the company’s vision and strategy. .

The first year the CIO is about winning the digital transformer because there is no automatic right to the CIO for CDO. I believe I have not heard this term again because we have moved. Now we have a situation where there is no C-suite title, digital transformation is increasingly active throughout the business. In some cases, the CIO is disjointed and linked to the legacy. Although the heritage remains ambivalent

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