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Spelman Through Higher Education all story

Spelman Through Higher Education all story

I invite more than 11 white institutions in the fall of 2014 and have been banned or rejected almost entirely. I asked Howard University and told me that if I were to attend HBCU, they would be real. Spelman has been added to the kitchen, every mother asked.

So in all fairness, Spelman is not Karen Herbert’s idea-idea. The day I was welcomed to Spelman was quite interesting, because on the same day Georgetown claimed to me.

I returned from school with eager to receive a large or white naval envelope with a gray and navy accent, but on the contrary I received a smaller one. Perceptible to the feeling of fraud and feeling syndrome that is simply not owned in the Ivy League environment, I threw my book bag, went to my room, and closed the door.

not given power

Anta Njie is a major in Political Science and journal journalism, from Chicago, Illinois, who graduated from Spelman College in 2019.

Some time stops and my mom calls me down. She said there was “no more” in the letter to me and that I had seen seeing when I was impressed. I crawled out of my room and down our South Side Chicago home stairs to face the big blue envelope-letter of acceptance from Spelman. My mother wins, but I’m not emotionally.

I do not know anything about Spelman. I mean, I was in the movie, but I was not going to school girls. I’m not going to South. I want to move to the East Coast, where all the political figures develop. They are a good idea, but my mother’s emotions make me interested, to say something slightly.

Well, what’s special about this school?

I still like to leave the dining room and move to the highest level to the room, go to the laptop family and drag the Spelman website. I went through a list list.

Well, they have political science. I went to the extracurricular list and was very happy with the number of services we considered. Do they have lectures for hours of service? Cake. So I opened the first tab and Googled budget class size to standard course in Spelman.

“Not more than 40 girls,” the alumni had a blog and I found out I was not looking forward to seeing it. How can the school give such attention to the maximum grade of 40? I stated that, at my age, I would have graduated very well to find a chair in the class seminar classes between 300 and 600 students.

Already, Spelman is different.

But I did not realize that I was not really able to go to school from the website. Especially with Decisions that are approximately once again. I want to know more. I want to see what the students see, how they live, and what they do.

I’m not new to Instagram, but using this way-as a whole in the world-is new to me. I type “# spelman19” in the search box and amazed by the amount of emotion I see from girls in a city like me, likes to get to Spelman College.

There are videos, where my classmates click on their Public Application portal and read the news about their reception in front of a family-filled room. Some are pictures, my classmates are in a good position, kneeling in the hands of their grandmother and their sister-all Spelman women.

I still remember my room, looking at the water, as it would help me to know more clearly the blue cover I had launched a few hours before.

This river, I pulled the cover cover and knew that what the Lord was doing for me was much more than the four-year design I used at the end of AP Lit. I would like to meet Spelman at night and start living in the fall of 2015.

I still remember my room, looking at the water, as it would help me to know more clearly the blue cover I had launched a few hours before.

I was never in the game

I am famous in the city because of service and lecture. I have been performing in Mayfair, produced in Fieldcrest School of Performing Arts throughout the year, and has been a captain of the captain in the alma mater of the senior year of King College Prep, but I only show a prison for friends and family. To do this in penta

Study about marijwana

Study about marijwana

It can not be denied that cannabidiol, commonly referred to as the CBD, became more popular in the United States than sliced ​​bread. This is a hot trend that began a few years ago after Dr. Sanja Gupta shows the country in his documentary ‘Weed 2’ how non-intoxicating components in cannabis plants prevent epileptic children from getting seizures.

Since then, CBD,

a material that is often referred to as safer than the emergence of pills, has become increasingly humiliated as an alternative treatment for various general anxiety disorders to chronic pain. But new studies show that the CBD can create a fair share of health issues.

In particular, scientists have learned that this material can damage our people in the same way as alcohol and other medicines.

Researchers at Arkansas University for Medical Sciences recently launched their weapons to investigate the hepatotoxicity of CBD in mice. What they find is that when these mariage derivatives have been recognized in recent years in the welfare world, people who use CBD are at high risk for liver poisoning.

The results published earlier this year in the Molecular Journal show that while people may use CBD as a safer alternative to relieving conventional pain, such as acetaminophen, compounds may actually be harmful to their liver.It is the method used in this study which makes it most interesting.

First, researchers use all the dosage and recommendations of a CBD-based drug safety known as Epidiolex. If this name sounds normal, it should. Last year, the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration approves it as a treatment for certain types of childhood epilepsy.

It is a development that marks the first time in history that marijuana-based medicine has been approved for distribution across the country in the United States.


The researchers then took the time to examine rats under the influence of various CBD doses. Some animals receive lower doses, while others are given more. The dosage is said to have the “maximum dose equivalent dose equivalent (MED) recommended by the CBD human dose administration in EPIDIOLEX (20 mg / kg).”

Surprised, researchers found that mice given high doses of CBD showed signs of liver damage within 24 hours. For that, 75 percent of these animals in the sub-acute phase either die or are on the verge of death within a few days.

Regardless of your feelings in this particular study, it is difficult to argue with dead mice – even if you are a marijuana expert.


Heart photos are in the human body against gray backgrounds, Heart disease or Hepatitis, Concepts with men’s body and anatomy problemsGETTY

Liver poisoning is an adverse reaction to various substances. Alcohol, medicines and even some natural supplements can take a toll on liver function – even in healthy individuals. But this is the first study to state that the CBD can harm the human heart as other chemicals.

But come to know, there is evidence of CBD chaos that struck the road in the liver for some time.

Lead author of the study Igor Koturbash, PhD, recently told Nutra Web Nutra of the United States that the risk of liver damage from the CBD was a poorly-impregnated side-effects in black and white on the Epidiolex GW Pharma package.

“If you look at the Epidolex label,

” he said, “it’s clear that the warning for liver injury It states that you should monitor the level of liver enzymes in patients. In clinical trials, 5% to 20% of patients develop high liver enzymes and some patients have been withdrawn from the test, “he said.

In other words, anyone taking the CBD regularly and in higher doses accidentally find themselves on the path to liver disease.

Previous studies have also shown that certain components of marijuana plants can be harmful to the liver. Although a study found that marijuana can actually help prevent liver damage in people with alcohol, in some cases it is worse.

“Hepatitis C patients with cannabis have more than those who do not have scarring, and many more develop this disease in their heart.” Something in cannabis can actually improve fatty liver disease. Hardeep Singh, gastroenterologist and St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California, expert

Political Risks To Oil about this


Last week’s attack on two oil tankers on the Gulf of Oman – criticized by the U.S. because of the Iran Revolt Controller – based on a few months between U.S. and Iran, and Saudi Arabia and other regional players. The related causes have attacked the oil market and focused on the ongoing possibility of pressures on oil prices.


data reserves this to be invalid. Even though we suspect that the political risk for oil production will increase after the previous May 13-14, our data still indicate that these risks could have been corrupted by the end of the year.

Therefore the figure below shows the Prediction of Oil Loss (“critical foodstuff: production” in GeoQuant application), with new developments in the US-Iran challenges with limited numbers. This indicator is an aggregate cross-country risk policy in major oil producing countries, and has historically been positively positive with oil prices.

Despite recent events that have caused price increases, we predicted would reduce the risk beyond current and over 2H / 2019, which would result in lower oil prices (downwards less than a month ago).

We are looking at similar dynamics in our Combined Oil Price Risk indicator (“oil price risk” in the app), which are built in a manner similar to the above indicators but taking into account both the dynamics of supply and demand; This indicator has also been positively correlated with oil prices historically.

Some important political events related to the side dynamics are mentioned in the following picture, including (1) period optimism relative to US-China trade – in line with the rising Oil Price Composite Loss where a dispute solution will survive China Demand for oil – as well as (2) the conclusion of US oil exemption that allows China, India, Turkey and others to import oil from Iran.

Oil Price Risk is on the rise due to the cancellation of these exceptions due to the replacement of countries (and others) in unpriced oil projections.

Oil Price Risk

Since 2H / 2019, we expect a new US-China dispute (3) to compensate for the impacting ending deceleration, as predicted by Composite risk has decreased further to Q3 / 2019 and over 2H / 2019.

Neatly, our composite size Oil Price Risk continues to be correlated neatly (r = +.6523) with higher crude oil prices in 2019 / YTD, showing the size along with the dynamics of this oil market to be viewed, the new one becomes a negative correlation with curling.

2019To help disseminate some of the issues that follow Price Risk of Composite Oil in the context of recent geopolitical developments, below we measure both Indicators of Geopolitical Risk of Saudi and Iran and withdraw long-term views.

Not surprisingly, both the Saudi and Iranian geopolitics risks are side by side of side-by-side risk oils, while Iran’s indicator also helps to influence the use of U.S. oil restriction. (or lack thereof) for people like China, India, and Japan.

Iran; Saudi Arabia: Geopolitical Risk

Note that even if Iranian Geopolitical Risk remains at historical level, our predictions are very important in the months, indicating that the tensions will not be metastasiasi in more serious confrontation, and will also pressure the price of officers because of the prospect of access to the mining gulf.

See more apps.

UK: Conservatives manage to choose Brexit who is strongly looking for soft Brexit
GeoQuant announced that Brexit was tender (managed) more than two years ago and retained the call, although there was a leader of Conservative Party leadership who claimed to appreciate the strong Brexit founder of the party and became Prime Minister.

Despite being back and forth often about the “crisis constitution” in England, the low risk of weak institutions has become the main driver of our predictions, supported by the old history of the parliamentary phenomenon and the fact that

Subway for Discriminatory Ad Censorship is now adding on TV

Subway for Discriminatory Ad Censorship is now adding on TV

Gender deep bias in industrial advertising has been discussed extensively and as a source of the femtech women entrepreneurial community and sextech.

January, sextech products Dame Products announced that the MTA finally decided to release a campaign to train in New York City through the handling of “new rules” that do not allow sex orientation of the company. The decision was given to co-founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman in December, after several months working with agencies looking at proposal advertising for MTA, Outfront.

Currently, sextech products Dame Products are officially comfortable with the MTA to be unnoticed. This event adds another chapter to a battle led by a lioness to access platform advertising that consistently refuses and manipulates the sexual business of sexual health women.

MTA’s Basic Advertising to Filtering arbitrarily

If you are someone following the stairs in New York City, you may be following some examples of erectile ad dysfunction that contain phallic images, breast enhancement ads breast enhancement implants, or pieces that invite a user’s transit to visit the Sex Museum.

These advertisements have been approved by the agency, and do not appear in the category of “sexually-oriented business” categories – even products that give sexual orientation in the marketplace.


First Address Bias Then Fill Your Talent PoolAfter several refinement and attempts failed to combine with the boss, Fine and Lieberman had chosen to take legal action to deal with gender bias that was so difficult for women’s sexual health products and orientation to survive the alternative men in the category.

Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine of Dame Products

Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine Products DAME DAME PRODUCTSThe Dame product has legal arm forces on hand and the details of the explanation, first, the MTA regulation that governs advertising is used in a way that systematically reduces women and men’s interests, and two, MTA infringes the rights of Dame’s First Amendment when banned their advertisements.

The troop looking for compensation for MTA for the right of Dame offense to release the said, reasonable process and similar protection of the Amendments to the Law and the Fourteenth Constitution Act, declaration that the conduct of the Authority is illegal and improper, and injunctions requiring MTA to approve and show off Dame ads.

In an official speech, the plaintiffs detected the MTA’s consent (those companies) who “invested and promoted large ads on property ads in MTA.” He also described MTA’s views on women’s sexuality as “Victorian” and highlighted the discrimination “of MTA’s decision on the interests of people in his advertising preferences, and the basic concept of Dame’s product, which has changed sexual health and well-being of more than 100,000 people. ”

Do we allow ads to validate certain scripts and reduce others. When Facebook or MTA allows the use of erectile dysfunction drugs to advertise, they are ‘these products that you need to know about.’ However, when pressing our ads, or not, we do not allow sex, but do not like sex.

Most people do not know if the ads are filtered out, that people who have sex life will be surrounded. If we can not tell if the sexually abusive … who will it be? I think this advertising rule builds on older issues, including sexual and sexual harassment, “said Fine, a skilled Sexologist and CEO of Dame.

The line between what is being “sexual health” depends on the debate. Dame investigations and many researches are being conducted by specialists in their dentistry-suggesting that the vibrator, between toys and other sex devices, are beneficial for various situations, such as the cervical spasms and sexually transmitted diseases. Complaints continue to list some of the health benefits found in sexual pleasure, including mood swings and

Here is the changing culture of Media Advertisements

Here is the changing culture of Media Advertisements

I remember being a child,

a commercial break when I was a vocal and I jumped off the couch and made my side to the bathroom so as not to miss my beloved TV.

During the year, television advertising grew 13% of the time in 1952 to 32% in 2018, so all the family could find time to avoid the bathroom. Also, when people use television all because television ownership in North America declined and internationally, only 23% of viewers like to watch television shows on TV.

The advertisement, however, has not completely disappeared and has been changed in the performance. For example, Roku, a television streaming company where Heineken sponsored advertising at the CBS “Billions” online exhibition.

In this way, Roku users can open the content of the audience to continue watching events where television users will receive a generic menu of commercial breaks. Up front will make a difference by using “pause ads” that enable when the video is paused.

Advertising is no longer a short film but a translucent banner on screen, which makes it attractive to advertisers and viewers, users do not feel overwhelmed by more active images and stories to follow and advertisements that ensure that users will not be heard after a few seconds.

And where government is growing, more consumers are becoming a big part of avoiding television advertising.

So, online advertising actually achieves advertising density? Or, the advertisement has been applied to overwhelming media orders?

Let’s roll over pop-up ads

In 2014, Ethan Zuckerman, a creator of pop-up ads, profusely apologize to the Atlantic in his discovery, said he was “unaware of what he brought to the world when he wrote the code for first pop-up ads over the past 20 years.

“When it comes to action, pop-up ads are a virtual learning moment for” much less “Zuckerman describes as a weakness in revenue from advertising and surveillance risk advertising. Zuckerman proposes new models for financing media that will not make the audience or disappoint the advertiser. But does that mean that advertising will be a thing of the past?

Fortunately, those who are dead are dead and learners are not learning to isolate the language with disruptive gimmick. Tearing the Understanding Media page (1994), the “medium of message” advertising ran Marshall Sang described how simple the message, said, “Surely, it is very common that” fill “our media curtains.

There is no content that offends when people will return more, but can easily create ineffective media for communication.

This is where online advertising is becoming more intelligent about how to reach consumers – and is used in all forms of web advertising, and not just streaming television shows.

Are Employees Ready For Skill Training?

Problems With Looking For Growth Before StabilityBy creating ads that are used in multiple formats, you can mislead the people who really need the product. Using a fun visual aesthetic can also eliminate all language barriers that cause the user to override the ad by listening.

Veronica Smith noted in advertising, that TV and magazine ads often depend on “visual power to emotional response.” The visuals are unrelated to the product but operate at the subconscious level. ” However, Smith noted that the situation was quite different from the web: “Marketing strategies are turning from mass media to direct contact with users.”

Visuals are more important than ever imagining when they come in framed web ads that provide frames and smaller challenges for users to engage.

Photomochi, founded by Christopher C. Lee, is one of the agencies that deal with the impact of today’s visual media on how you can quickly and simply capture all messages in one frame or short film. Although Jean-Luc Godard in the 1980s announced that the movie was dead, what had become j