Toxicity Because Of The Web’s Shift From Enlightenmen is social media

The modern web emerges as a tool of enlightenment, the way researchers have given their knowledge and discovery more freely with others. The first chapter of this evolution has been learned by the idea of ​​free and digital information as a place to study and discover.

However, this utopia is rapidly being compromised by unpredictable commercials in cyberspace and has now become a source of magical entertainment characterized by commercial repression and manipulation. Is the key to Web security located in return for enlightenment?

The Web Today looks like the Web in the past.

Dismissing graphics and interactive emphasis, the Web today focuses on entertainment and consumerism, from social media to streaming movies to the store.

The web has become a place to avoid the physical world to serve and not the space that expands our sky to new learning.

Today we reward our Web access to all the information in the world in our finger tips. We can read news from across the globe or learn about life like this throughout the planet. Google Search is everything you need to see the world. However, it does not involve new transportation, we stay in the house, looking for the same place.

Although around the world, we have no interest in developing. We do not need to find new information from us before. All technology that connects us is useless.

Instead, we are only interested in entertainment.

From looking for hours reading news from other countries and learning about new culture or language or reading history or writing our math skills or getting new humanity or art of interest, we prefer to spend the night on the phone watching our cat videos.

Overcoming Struggle, Going Into College, and Acting to Build Heritage
The web is far from sendhile in this propagation. Every technological communication undergoes a transition from enlightenment to entertainment.

As the radio grew, his critics grinned from his transition to fun. As a television show, the FCC is advised about the shifting social impact to the entertainment of non-thought-free people.

In the same way, the Web has migrated from an early focus to knowledge to also set an incredible pleasure. We rarely go Twitter or Facebook to know about the world. We go back to friends and friends. Smartphones that can access the world used to play games and send good comments.

Even the personal production of our information is oriented to entertainment and does not develop to know us. We are very happy with social stocks and virus fame from sharing in a wise dialogue that goes well with the community.

Is this transfer to entertainment 

The pursuit of science can involve considerable disagreements and disputes. It is solved through research, ideas and clinics of discourse, not calling, hate and death threatening screaming in society.

The focus is on a wise debate that develops fields rather than eloquent viruses that are pleasing to others. In short, disagreement is one of the obstacles that must be addressed in the pursuit of greater, and not the result of their own right to enjoy others.

Is the web more like a scholarship?

Using this together, can the Web problem be in the depression focused on enlightening to entertainment, as happened to every medium that preceded it?

Is the web more like academic discourse, focused on improving ourselves with education and developing the sky from ecolism and entertainment? If we focus on just speaking in a discourse clinic, claiming every one of us and refraining from emotional speech, can we update social media as a tool once for education and enlightenment?

Or the fate of the Web to be entertaining a little bit? Does the Web have to rebuild in revolutionary technology, just as radio re-creates itself in the Web era as a podcast and defines the roots of its education?In the end, is the future of the Web in the present era?

Updated: June 19, 2019 — 11:50 am

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